Vintners Dinner 2019

By AH of Monroe County, Inc. (other events)

Sunday, April 14 2019 6:00 PM 10:00 PM

Seating at Cafe Sole will be set for  8 Tops, 6 Tops & 4 Top Tables  - PLEASE NOTE: the seating chart is not a 'layout' of the space in the dining room - it is only to designate the Number of Seats at each table - 

Tour of the Senses 

6:00 Butler Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Arepas with Braised Short Rib Cojita cheese, pickled red onions

Tuna Tostadas, with red chili glaze 

"Figs in a Blanket" goat cheese, and puff pastry

Falefal bites, pickled red onions, cucumber creme

7:00 Dinner

Umami- Chicken Fried Shrimp, smoked tomato and bacon salad, bama white barbeque, black       

          eye pea hummus, sweet potato blini

Salty- Hogfish over Risotto Neri

Texture- Fois Gras and Fresh Tuna Tartine

Sour- Seared Scallops, Yuzu dashi, pickled shishito Prosciutto chips, shitake Tempura

Picante- Angels and Devils on Horseback, drizzled with ghost pepper maple syrup

Bitter- Grilled Radicchio Salad with endive and frisee, walnuts, plump cherries, Maytag blue     

            cheese, candied Meyer lemons, Meyer Lemons and EVO

9:00 Dessert

Dessert presented by Cupcake Sushi

Mailing Address

1434 Kennedy Dr. Key West, FL 33040