Vintners Dinner 2017

By AH of Monroe County, Inc. (other events)

Sunday, April 23 2017 6:00 PM 10:00 PM

A Tour of the Senses

Pairing Event 

World Class Chefs & Vintners


Please Note - when booking your Seats - TABLES labled A, B  & C in each secton are 6 Tops'  and Tables D & E are 4 tops - if you are booking as a group - wishing to sit together -please try to book in one group reservation 

The format of this 9 Course Evening -

Appetizer will be presented and Paired with Wine or Champagne to start the Evening on the Flagler Patio

We will all move inside the Ballroom - taking our seats in our Ticketed Starting Section. Each 'Group' of tables enjoy each Chef & Vintner Pairing and then we Move around the Ballroom to each Chef Station.   

Dessert will be presented and paired - on the Flagler Patio - Along with a beautiful Cheese Course 



Mailing Address

1434 Kennedy Dr. Key West, FL 33040